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Wet Work Confessions Of A Ripper: MP3, Digital Rights Management And The Devil of Disintermediation, notes from a talk given to the Internet Law group of the Oregon Bar Association on the sociology, economics and politics of the MP3 revolution...a revolution in which committed consumers with $.29 Sharpies can defeat a copy protection scheme representing tens of millions of dollars of R&D.

CityWare: Information Technology Planning and Urban Planning (Acrobat PDF only), a riff on why planning large-scale enterprise IT is really a 4,000 year-old intellectual discipline.

Visceral Technologies, an argument about the inevitability of the marriage of meat and silicon.

Knowledge Management: An Introduction (Acrobat PDF only), a shortened version of which appeared in Long-Range Planning, Volume 30, Number 3.

Cities of Text: Some Notes On Some Notes on Intranets, Knowledge Management And Urban Planning

Knowledge Centers & Flexibility: How People Think About What They Know (Acrobat PDF only)

The Information Triad: OLTP, DSS and Collaborative Computing (Acrobat PDF only)

The Politics of Data Warehousing

Technology and Policy In Decision Support Systems

The Responsible Preparation of Electronic Literary Texts

Controlling Dissemination Mechanisms: The Unstamped Press and the 'Net and Electronic Media, Dissemination and Suppression, a related talk given at an NYU summer hypertext program (Powerpoint, 65 KB).

Rhetoric, Epistemology and the 'Net: The Ethics Of Web Publishing (a UNESCO document selection) and Wanton Knowledge: The Canon and the 'Net, two avenues into the same argument: the Web is our savior and our nemesis. See also: CAVEAT: A Proposal for a Web-Wide Page Registration and Rating System, which attempts to ameliorate this situation.

Dissemination, Indoctrination, Analytics: The School and the 'Net

The Firm And The Guild: A Perspective On The Future Of Knowledge Work And Information Technology originally submitted to Ethicomp '95

Data Legibility in Decision Support Schema, (Acrobat PDF only), an updated version of the original published version (1994), where star schema first appeared in the popular tech press (originally published in DBMS Magazine)

Two-Tiered Enterprise DSS Architectures, a revised version of my earlier Building the Data Mart, the founding document of data marting, and my most grievous sin (originally published in DBMS Magazine)

Leading Edge Retail (originally published in DBMS Magazine)

Data Warehousing: Oracle 7.1 Investigated (originally published in Oracle Technical Journal)

Retailing and the Infobahn: Predictions and Advisories

Software Agency and Trust

Zero Gravity Training, CIO, July 1994

Vladimir Illich Ulyanov (Lenin) in Psychoanalytic History (1989).

Arnold and Tylor: The Codification and Appropriation of Culture. in Culture and Education in Victorian England. ed. Scott and Fletcher. Associated Universities Press, 1990.

Entries on Jerzy Kosinski and Robert Coover in Dictionary of American Literary Characters. ed. Franklin and Hague. Facts on File: 1989.

Entry on George Moore in Dictionary of Literary Biography [Volume 57: Victorian Prose Writers after 1870]. ed. Thesing. Bruccoli-Clark, 1988. Co-authored.

Under the Sign of Use: Humanism and Deconstruction.; delivered at the Critical Theory session of the College English Association National Conference, 1987.

Web Work

The Emma Hardinge Britten Archive

Chasing Emma blog

The Notable British Trials Series Page

The Richard Dadd Page

The George Moore Page

Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford: The Collaborative Texts

Quotes O' The Quarter To hear the young and the middle-aged talk of privacy, is to hear old men talk of Cibola or Shangri-La. It is a place, privacy, to which no one has ever been. There is no such place.

Beasley Gervais, from Ethics and Interest (forthcoming)

All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation.

Walter Benjamin (1892-1940)

I envy therefore I am. To define oneself by reference to others is to perceive oneself as other. And the other is always object. Thus life is measured in degrees of humiliation. The more you choose your own humiliation, the more you 'live' - the more you live the orderly life of things. Here is the cunning of reification, the means whereby it passes undetected, like arsenic in the jam.

Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life

Poem O' The Period
Friday Night At The Royal Station Hotel
Light spreads darkly downwards from the high
Clusters of lights over empty chairs
That face each other, coloured differently.
Through open doors, the dining-room declares
A larger loneliness of knives and glass
And silence laid like carpet. A porter reads
An unsold evening paper. Hours pass,
And all the salesmen have gone back to Leeds,
Leaving full ashtrays in the Conference Room.

In shoeless corridors, the lights burn. How
Isolated, like a fort, it is -
The headed paper, made for writing home
(If home existed) letters of exile: Now
Night comes on. Waves fold behind village

Philip Larkin
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